Part of the campaign and the job that I love so much is meeting you at your door, the people in our community. Hearing your story, answering questions and hearing about concerns that you have. But the Covid 19 environment won’t allow for it, so I am relying on our website and fb page to reach out to you and tell your more about me and my commitment to you, the voter.


I won’t assume that I know all of the issues that might be on your mind, so I hope we have a chance to chat, in some way, very soon. For now, here is what I can tell you.


Some of the issues I will be focusing on in the District are:

· Odours at Eastern Passage Treatment Plant

· Traffic and Transportation issues like speed limits and road upgrades/repairs

· Infrastructure projects like PERHA Trail enhancements, Eastern Passage Commons upgrades, safer or new playground structures.

· Infrastructure safety issues like bridges, and crosswalks.

· Transit improvements

· Improving community engagement with large development projects in District

· Improving transportation corridors within the District (Caldwell Rd Connector)

· Celebrating and championing for projects, initiatives and ideas of service groups and agencies serving our residents in District3 ( such as but not limited to Resident Associations, Service Clubs (Legion, Lions, Buffalo), Churches, Fisherman’s Cove, Veterans Organizations, Athletic/Health Organizations, Environmental Clubs, to name a few)



Some of my focus for the betterment of all communities in Halifax at large:

· Covid 19 recovery and rebuilding the economy

· Addressing and funding agencies, groups, initiatives that are committed to ending racism.

· Maximizing Infrastructure funding programs to enhance communities

· Working collaboratively with my counterparts at other levels of government and jurisdictions on issues important to District 3

· Addressing concerns raised with Police Service Delivery

· Supporting community groups/agencies to maximize operations and sustainability.

· Advocating for more effective policies to increase affordable housing and access to jobs.

· Advocating for better engagement and support for veterans and serving members of our military

· Advocating for effective measures/policies to end violence against women.


These are some of the things that I believe are important. If you have anything that you want me to be aware of that is not here, but important to you, please share in our contact Becky page, or through email at or through Facebook:


If you like what you see PLEASE vote for me, Becky Kent on Oct 17, 2020.