During her time in government (nearly a decade), Becky is most proud of:



     ● Securing $20 million for Eastern Passage High School

     ● Securing funding for the Revitalization of Fisherman’s Cove

     ● Supporting Shearwater Aviation Museum

     ● Instrumental contributions in development of NS Mariners Day

     ● Instrumental contributions in Motor Vehicle Act Amendments on Sale of Second Hand Vehicles (Lemon Law)

     ● Securing various infrastructure grants for the community, including:

          o Fisherman’s Cove

          o Cow Bay Surf Park

          o Eastern Passage Buffalo Club

          o Cole Harbour Kiwanis Park

          o Caldwell Road Elementary School

          o Eastern Passage Carnival Committee


As Councillor

● Securing funding for the Dartmouth Sewage Treatment Plant and Trail System (Dartmouth Harbour-front Trail)

● Securing $35 million Capital Infrastructure investment in Eastern Passage Sewage Treatment Plant

● Securing $17 million Capital infrastructure investment in Belmont Street Sewage Pumping Station

● Development of various playgrounds/Parks, including:

          o South Woodside School Playground

          o Brompton St. Park

          o Hartlin Hills Playground

          o Astral Drive Playground

          o Kerri Lea Memorial Park

          o Chadwick St Park

          o Franklyn St Park

          o Belmont St Park

● Youth & Community Partnerships Against Crime (YACPAC) Skate Park

● Improving Community Signage

For more information on Becky's involvement in any of the above, or for information on any of Becky's other contributions to the community (both in and out of politics) please contact our campaign office.