• Becky's Campaign Team


Well it’s official.

I am a declared candidate for Councillor for District 3, Dartmouth South/Eastern Passage, in the October 2020 Halifax Municipal Election. I am super excited to put my name forward and offer my skills and knowledge for the betterment of the people and communities of District 3.

It’s important that voters have strong candidates to consider in any election. It is my hope that my experience on Council from 2004-2007 and MLA in the NS Legislature from 2007-2013 will offer the people in the communities of District 3 the best choice to represent them on Council. My experience as a small business owner, working in community agencies, as a community volunteer and my commitment everything I do have all contributed to the person I am today.

Its the people and the issues that we all face, in good times and in challenging time, that motivates me to re-enter politics and be the voice for the great people in our communities.

I have a small but mighty team organizing our campaign. I say “our campaign” because I will be the voice in the seat at Council that belongs to the people of District 3. Together we are the strength of the work I will do. We’ll be planning an online formal announcement event in the near future.

I am thrilled and honored to put my name and efforts forward for our communities again. Are you with me?

If you would like to help bring my voice to the Halifax Council, please email insert@email.thing and we'll be in touch with you soon about how you can get involved.

Hugs to you all! Looking forward to seeing your smile soon.

- Becky

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